The King James Audio Picture Bible

Welcome to the audio King James Bible. Here at Bread of Life Ministries, we have put together a great audio Bible for you to enjoy. There are pictures in some of the chapters for kids to also enjoy Gods word, and they might have a better understanding. We have also set up a daily reading, so you can complete the whole Bible reading in one year. You can read the Bible yourself, or just hit play at the top of each chapter and have that chapter read to you while you follow along.We have also put the words of Jesus, in red letter so you know when Jesus is speaking. You should hear a different tone in the narrators voice also. 
       At the bottom of each chapter, you can hit next chapter or previous chapter. This feature will allow you to go back if you missed something.You my also leave comments on the first and last chapter of each book, letting others know what that book meant to you. You can search by book of the Bible and chapter from the Old Testament and New Testament list on the left side of the page.
    We would love for you to share this site with your friends and family. We have put a like button on the site so you can share with your FaceBook friends too.We have also put links to share on all your other social media sites, so go ahead, let someone know about us, it is greatly appreciated. We will continue to add the pictures to the chapters as we move forward to try and give you a better Audio Picture Bible.
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